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Ann Wilson

I was listening to the CSNY song, “Teach Your Children” many years ago and realized that Jerry Garcia was playing guitar on that song. I had heard the song dozens of times but it wasn’t until after I was familiar with the sound of the Grateful Dead that I could hear Jerry’s voice on guitar. That my friend is called talent. To be playing a musical instrument on a song that no one is expecting you to be associated with and someone can pick you out from all the other guitar players proves you have a distinctive sound.

We can debate who the greatest guitar player is of all time. There are times I can hear a song and know it’s Clapton without knowing the song. The same goes for Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn and others. Oh, it’s a rare guitarist who has such a distinct style, but there are a few. No one sings like Ann Wilson. Maybe comparing a guitar player to a singer isn’t fair. But it’s more to the point that no one signs like Ann Wilson.

Recently I took my daughter to a Heart concert and I told her that she would recognize many of the songs. She was shocked how many were in her musical memory. I fully admit before the show started, I was looking forward to hearing Heart’s cover versions of the Led Zepplin songs more so than I was the original Heart songs. But the moment Ann vocalized the first few notes of the opening Heart number, I was reminded once again, no one sings like Ann Wilson.

Ms. Wilson can handle ballads with the same expertise as she can belting out hard driving rock and roll. I’ve seen Heart in concert twice. There was close to thirty years in between the performances, but one thing remained constant, no one sings like Ann Wilson. You can all debate who the greatest guitar player is of all time. You can try to debate who the greatest female rock and roll signer is of all time, but you will never convince me it’s not Ann. I’m not sure you can convince me there’s been a better rock and roll singer of either sex. After all, no one sings like Ann Wilson. Rock on, Ann.