Another outstanding book by Michael Cantwell. It's hard to put this book down. The twists and turns will make you question what really goes on with the good and the bad politicians, and if you can ever really believe what you think is true in Washington. Look forward to Cantwell's next book! .. Jim Harwood

Just as I had the plot figured out Cantwell throws me a curve ball and then a slider; I did not see the ending coming. This book is a HIT!!!!! Do not hesitate reading this book!!! I probably should not write my reviews while the Marlins game is on.. Dan Lampman

The characters are truly captivating, running a gamut of personalities from brutally honest to sneaky and underhanded. The personal journeys of these extremely motivated characters take you through their emotional growth and life changing decisions. This novel definitely leaves you wanting more! .. OceanGlitz

I recommend you read this novel, just to see how Washington works in ways we cannot imagine. Five Stars!! .. Tom Walsh

Three Long Days

Political Fiction

How far would you go to tell the truth? George McAdams promised his dying grandfather to always tell the truth. Now he must decide between exposing a national secret or move up the political ladder and stay quiet. He has three days to decide while he sits in jail. Life is not always black and white and besides when is the truth not really the truth? What are your limits?

If you have known me over the years, when reading this book you might find some characters that seem familiar to you. The book is pure fiction, though I will admit to taking some minor liberties with names from my past and present. I did it mostly because in some small way it is to thank them for their friendship and loyalty in reading my books. There are also a few characters from the first book, who somehow manage to find a way back into this book. You do not have to read the first book to understand the second one, but you will understand a few of the inside jokes.

I wanted to write a political fiction mystery and wonder what it must be like to attempt to you keep your ethics in Washington. The novel goes back to the days of Abe Lincoln and leans on "Honest Abe" quite a bit to weave a muder mystery around politics. It is not about Lincon's death but about what can happen if you dont play by the rules in politics.

Again, thank you to all my readers. You are very much appreciated. If you would like to purchase this book, click on the book cover.