Soul Intentions

3rd novel

Soul Directive

4th novel


Fortunate Soul

5th novel


Soul Intentions


“You, the ungrateful fool, who dare to destroy your soul. We are the keepers of all things pure and righteous. In taking your soul, we are destroying the evil you have so carelessly allowed to enter your most prized possession.”  Caeles Novo has lost count of how many souls he has stolen. He fears that instead of saving his species by thievery, he is condemning them. He must face the High Council to convince them that repairing souls and returning them will save his species. Along the way, he meets a handful of characters, whose souls he must steal.

Readers of the first books might recognize one or two of the souls he must steal. Caeles must discover his destiny. I would write more but I prefer you read the book. For readers of my first two books, I believe my writing style has changed with this one. I am curious to know what you think.

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