Mike Cantwell took me on a spectacular journey in this book. Characters in books are NOT supposed to be THAT real! "A Beautiful Song" is a multilayered story about life.". TraceyG

"As an audiophile I must say I really enjoyed this book. This is a wonderful book which sucks you in and leaves you feeling satisfied at the end, having read about a life well lived with purpose and grace." Orfilio P

"Loved it! Wonderful story and characters. I never wanted to put it down. I just had to read what would happen next."Florida B

"Just finished the most amazing book (I feel it was written for me) INCREDIBLE!!!!! I would recommend this book, great read! Thank you to the writer!!!" Dan

A wonderful, heart warming story that takes you on a memorable journey full of love, joy and some sorrow. " Dr. Zakia

A Beautiful Song- A Musical Soul Story

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My First Novel

Stu Edrich (Dylan James) is the main character in the book who learns from an early age he wants to play guitar and make others happy with his musical talents. When life takes a turn he is convinced he is being punished by God and loses sight of all that was given to him in the past. He later must seek redemption.

Gordy Davis is Stu's mentor and guitar teacher. He has a mysterious past which he refuses to share with others until Stu (Dylan James) comes back to him as an adult seeking redemption.

Debby Fletcher is someone known by Stu through out his life and becomes a central member of his band.

Elise Andrews is a very loyal and loving person who is a country girl at heart. When given a chance at stardom, she has to choose between being a mother or being a star.

Carl Peterson is Stu's agent and has found his way into the second novel.

Linda Sweet is an incredible singer and songwriter who has to fight her demons after becoming a star.

There are of course many other characters in the book, however those are the main ones. It was a real joy writing a musical novel.

The subtitle a musical soul story is because I believe there is a connection between music and your moods. I know music can touch your soul.

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