Mike Cantwell took me on a spectacular journey in this book. Characters in books are NOT supposed to be THAT real! "A Beautiful Song" is a multilayered story about life.". TraceyG

"As an audiophile I must say I really enjoyed this book. This is a wonderful book which sucks you in and leaves you feeling satisfied at the end, having read about a life well lived with purpose and grace." Orfilio P

"Loved it! Wonderful story and characters. I never wanted to put it down. I just had to read what would happen next."Florida B

"Just finished the most amazing book (I feel it was written for me) INCREDIBLE!!!!! I would recommend this book, great read! Thank you to the writer!!!" Dan

A wonderful, heart warming story that takes you on a memorable journey full of love, joy and some sorrow. " Dr. Zakia

Presidential Blues

American history for kids young and old

Alex Schuler was given a special present for his 10th birthday. A book. Not any book. One written by all the past presidents. Alex meets all the men as they create American history. He learns the story behind the American Revolution, the battle of Gettysburg, the space program and much more.

In this third novel in the series, Alex has graduated from freshman year of high school. He has joined forces with his friend Bruce in starting a garage band called, 'The Rivers Edge.' The only problem is that Bruce can't sing and wants to be the lead singer. Alex has to convince Bruce with the help from some former presidents, that Stephanie Nicks would be a better option for the band. Having Stephanie join the band, upsets thier friend Wendy, who also wants to join the band. Being fifteen and on summer break might not be as easy as it should be. Join the group as they enter a the maturing world of girlfriends, broken hearts, and of course advice from former presidents, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson among others.